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A lot of times, a quote will pop up at the right time when you cannot find the right words to express how you are feeling or thinking. As an overthinking female (as most in this gender are), I tend to have a mini conversations in my head trying to figure out why certain things turned out the way they did and why did some people reacted the way they did and so on. Or maybe it's my introverted self is getting the best out of me and just want to keep it all in (Yeah, better believe it! I'm more of an introvert than the opposite like what most people believed) (and trust me, I've taken all those personality tests over and over! Even I don't believe it myself at first. We'll go further into that on another post). 

Why did this quote hit hard, you may wonder? First of, I have nothing against any religion (unless they show cult like signs). At one point in my life, I was obssessed in going to church that I spend a whole day listening to christian services (That would be 3 …

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